Tech Elevator: Building a style guide

Tech Elevator is an intensive in-person and online education provider helping individuals and companies acquire in-demand technology skills for the modern workforce.

Project duration

May 2020 - June 2021

Product overview

Tech Elevator is a full-stack software development bootcamp based in Cleveland, Ohio. They offer full and part-time bootcamps and teach students from diverse backgrounds to become software developers. Their career-readiness program, Pathway Programâ„¢, is nationally recognized.

At the time, students could choose to learn Java or C#. Currently, the program only offers Java. The bootcamp covers:

  • Programming foundationals
  • Backend development
  • Web programming
  • Full-stack development project

Project overview

I led an initiative to create a style guide for the curriculum team at Tech Elevator. We had been using the Google Developer Documentation Style Guide (GDDSG) for a while, and it served our needs for the most part. However, the GDDSG did not have guidance on how to write curriculum or a list of project-specific terms. So I decided to create a project-specific style guide for our team.

The GDDSG would remain our base style guide, but when developers had questions or needed guidance specific to our project, they could use our style guide. The style guide included a glossary of terms, curriculum writing tips, and formatting guidance for our curriculum.

Fun fact: I used the style guide template from The Good Docs Project to build our style guide!

Tools I used

  • Authoring: Markdown
  • Docs as Code tools: VuePress, Netlify

Work samples

Unfortunately, the style guide is hosted in a private repo, so I cannot link to it here. I can, however, link to a talk I gave about this experience: