I’ve done some great work at VMware, The Good Docs Project, and Tech Elevator over the past four years. Read on to learn more.


Time: October 2021 - now

Description: A leading provider of multi-cloud services for all apps, enabling digital innovation with enterprise control.



Currently, I own the documentation for using plugin-based designs in Automation Assembler. Plug-in based architecture allows users to access resources and properties as defined and documented by the cloud provider, such as Google Cloud, rather than the properties defined by Aria Automation.

I work with a team of 2-4 software engineers and product managers to produce the documentation.

I was one of two technical writers responsible for the Aria Automation Config (formerly SaltStack Config) documentation. Automation Config is a modern configuration management platform with the performance, speed, and agility IT teams need to manage large, complex IT systems and improve efficiency at scale.

I worked with a team of 2-4 software engineers, quality engineers, support services personnel, user experience designers, and product managers to produce documentation for Automation Config.

Authoring tools: Oxygen Author

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Getting started documentation

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The Good Docs Project

Time: April 2021 - now

Description: The Good Docs Project focuses on creating best practice templates and writing instructions for documenting open source software.


Project: I am a member of the project steering committee, a community manager, and a working group lead for one of our template working groups. I work with some awesome folks who are passionate about documentation. Some of my projects include:

Authoring tools: Hugo for building Git training site

Tech I use: Git, GitLab

Tech Elevator

Time: August 2019 - October 2021

Description: A leading full-stack coding bootcamp and career prep program helping individuals and companies acquire in-demand skills for the modern workforce. Tech Elevator’s curriculum teaches students programming foundations, back-end development, and web programming.


Project: I was the sole technical writer responsible for editing the company’s technical curriculum. I worked with a team of 2-4 technical curriculum developers and the company’s chief academic officer to produce curriculum for students and instructors. Some of my other projects include:

Authoring tools: VuePress

Tech I used: Git, GitLab, Vale for linting docs